Merchant City Wine Tasting. Glasgow

Introduction to Wine Appreciation

Wine appreciation, or more simply, wine tasting is the objective sensory examination and evaluation of wine, using recognised words and phrases. Tasting wines and appreciating their varietal characteristics is a very different process from drinking. Our aim at Merchant City Wine Tasting is to demystify wine tasting, make it accessible and simple to understand.

Many individuals, lacking this skill have found themselves in a social, or even work related situations, where their lack of knowledge has left them feeling slightly intimidated or even embarrassed. We aim to address this in a straightforward, informal and most importantly enjoyable and informative way.

At our introductory evening, beginners will learn how to analyse and evaluate wine. Learn how to understand the 4 stages of wine tasting and appreciate it's really more of a complete evaluation using all your senses .

•  Sight- how the wine looks in the glass and what that means

•  Aroma- what words to use to describe the nose or bouquet

•  Taste- the flavours and balance. How they feel in your mouth and how and why we taste professionally

•  And lastly the finish. What happens in your mouth, what lingering flavours are left and how do they develop

Remember that it may take months or years of proper wine tasting to fully understand and be able to detect the subtle variation in all wines

However, by the end of the evening you should have gone some way to discovering fascinating nuances of all wines and how price does not necessarily ensure good wines and for the average wine drinker, this is all that matters.

By learning the simple techniques of how we evaluate wines objectively and why we practice this style will enable any beginner to, demonstrate knowledge of the key characteristics of the main grape varieties and wine regions of the world.

At the end of the evening we fully expect all who have attended to make an educated attempt at a blind tasting.